Opening Concert & Recital

As a part of the opening ceremony of the International Symposium on Mythology, there will be a special concert organized by Selamı Akış, Kemal Özavcı, Turgay Akdağoğlu, Halil İbrahim Köroğlu, Erkan Yoldaş Yusuf Altun, who are the members of the Faculty of Fine Arts, the Department of Turkish Music. After a feast for the ears of any music lover, we will continue with a recital given by the students of our university accompanying the opening of group exhibition. 

International Symposium Group Exhibition

The international group exhibition, consisting of artworks addressing the mythology theme, will be held at the symposium lounge. In the exhibition, there will also be artworks addressing the mythology theme prepared by the students of our university.

Documentary Film Screening & Talk with the Director

On 2th of May 20:00pm, there will be film screening of the documentary “Anlat Bana (Dövmeler, Ağıtlar, Hikayeler)“, which took part in the catalogue in 65th Cannes Film Festival. Film screening will be followed by a talk with its director, Mehmet Sait Tunç.G