Within the scope of the II. International Symposium on Mythology to be held between the dates, 3- 5 June 2020, in cooperation with Ardahan University and the Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University in Ardahan, an International Juried Exhibition of Painting, Sculpture and Ceramics on Mythology is going to be organized. II. International Symposium on Mythology International Juried Exhibition of Painting, Sculpture and Ceramics on Mythology will start on June 3, 2020 and will be exhibited during the symposium.

International Exhibition Jury

Ali Herischi  (Azerbaijan)

Anna Barlas  (Russia)

Filiz Öztürk (Ardahan University, Turkey)

Kamber Kamber  (Bulgaria)

Lela Peradze (Ahaltsikhe State University, Georgia)

Nana Karanashvili  (Georgia)

Semra Çevik (Ardahan University, Georgia)

Sıdıka Arlı (Ardahan University, Georgia)

Yana Çebotaryova  (Ukraina)

Information for Participation in the Exhibition:

1. The exhibition has the theme of “mythology”. Your work must match the theme of the exhibition. The works that are not suitable with the theme will not be accepted.

2. The participants are free to prepare their works through all kinds of techniques and materials that can be evaluated within the fields of painting, sculpture and ceramics of visual arts.

3. You can apply for the exhibition by submitting 1 (one) of your previously unpublished works in JPEG format to the e-mail address mentioned in article 4. You are also required to add this image to the artefact identification card.

4. The works to be exhibited will be announced by the selection committee (international jury). The work/artefact identification card must be filled in and e-mailed to mythologysymposium@ardahan.edu.tr. The information about how the work will be exhibited must be provided in the work identification card. The deadline for submitting the work ID card is 30 April 2020.

5.  Long edge of the works should be max. 100 cm in length for pictures, max. 60 cm for sculpture and ceramics etc., and max. 120 cm for textile etc.

6. Participants who will attend the symposium in person should bring their works along with them. “Ardahan University” and “Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University” is not responsible for such unfavorable circumstances and the related expenses as damage or the loss of the works sent by cargo during the processes of cargo transportation and exhibition; for unreturned cargos that are not taken within seven days, or un-received cargos that are sent or unreturned cargos due to the misaddressing by the sender. 

7. A letter of acceptance will be sent to the participants for the selected works by the jury. Via e-mail, related cargo and address information will be shared with the owners of the works which are accepted by the jury and registered for the exhibition.

8. The exhibitors are responsible for following the updates about the symposium exhibition through the official website of the symposium (https://ardahan.edu.tr/isom/). The exhibition will be e-cataloged and shared on the symposium website by the end of 2020.

9. Exhibition participation fee is 150 TL only for the senders of the works and 500 TL including the accommodation for those who will attend the exhibition in person (certificate, exhibition e-catalog, transfer to and from the airport, lunches, breakfast&accommodation / the right to register for trips abroad [trips are subject to additional charges], tea / coffee and refreshments between breaks). All participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

10. The deadline for registration is May 15, 2020. Until this date, it is necessary to register as a member at http://isom2020.congress.gen.tr/. No cancellation or refund will be provided after the registration deadline (15 May 2020).