Honorary Board

Prof. Dr. Sebahattin Balcı (Rector of Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University)

Prof. Dr. Sebahattin Balcı was born on February 2, 1954 in Ardahan, Turkey.

Prof. Dr. Balcı received his teaching license in Mathematics from Ankara Higher Teacher’s School, in 1972-1976; his bachelor’s degree in 1972-1976, master’s degree in 1976-1978 and PhD in 1978-1981 from the Ankara University Faculty of Science Department of Mathematics.

He worked as an assistant professor in the field of Mathematics at the same university in 1984-1990, associate professor in 1990-1995 and professor in 1995-2009. Prof. Dr. Sebahattin Balcı worked as a professor at the Istanbul Aydın University from 2009-2010, and since 2010 he executes his duties at the Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University, in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

Throughout his academic career, he has supervised 3 master’s and 4 PhD theses, published articles in international refereed journals (SCI & SSCI & Arts and Humanities), other international refereed journals, national refereed journals and 3 books.

He has been invited as a keynote speaker to many national and international scientific meetings, attended and organized seminars, conferences, observation and examinations.

Prof. Dr. Sebahattin Balcı, who is a member of many prestigious scientific and professional organizations, was a forerunner in the realization of numerous national and US-EU-supported international projects for the development of vocational high schools, organized industrial zones, vocational-technical education and other fields of education in Turkey. Projects executed by Prof. Dr. Sebahattin Balcı are accepted as pioneering works in the improvement of vocational education in Turkey.

Prof. Dr. Balcı, who supervised the Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University on the position of Co-President, in 2010-2011, serves since then as the Rector, and under his leadership the University was augmented to the leading position in Kyrgyzstan by far and into the top five universities in Central Asia.

By virtue of converting the Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University to one of the most prestigious universities of the Turkic world and the great benefits it provides to the community, Prof. Dr. Balcı was donated with state medals of the Kyrgyz Republic and several other awards by various institutions.

Prof. Dr. Sebahattin Balcı is fluent in English and Kyrgyz.




Prof. Dr. Mehmet Biber (Rector of Ardahan University)

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Biber was born in Erzurum on 10.11.1968. He received his BS degree (1990) in Physics from Ataturk University. He completed his MS (1996) and his Ph.D. (2000), again, in the Department of Physics at Ataturk University. In 2003, Biber studied at Gent University in Belgium and, in 2010, he received a post-doc degree from Durham University in England.

Biber worked as a research assistant at Atatürk University, the Faculty of Arts & Sciences (1992-2000) and as a Dr. Research Assistant until 2001. In 2001, he became a faculty member, and in 2005 he received the title of associated professorship from the same university. In 2011, Biber became a professor and worked in the same university. In 2016, Biber became a faculty member of the Department of Biotechnology at Necmettin Erbakan University.

From 2011 to 2013, Biber served as the Vice-Rector of Ağrı İbrahim Çeçen University, from 2012 to 2013 as the director of the Central Research Laboratory, and in 2013 as the Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences as well.  

On January 25, 2017, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Biber was nominated as the Rector of Ardahan University.

Since 2014, Biber is the editor of Turkish Journal of Physics and he has several articles published in SSCI / SCI / AHCI Expanded journals.


şakir aydoğan.png

Prof. Dr. Şakir Aydoğan (Vice Rector of Ardahan University)

Prof. Dr. Şakir Aydoğan was born in Erzurum on 01.06.1972. He graduated from the Department of Physics at Ataturk University in 1995 and, in the following two years, he lectured physics in various schools affiliated to the Ministry of Education. He completed his MS (2000) and PhD (2004) in the Department of Solid State Physics at Ataturk University. In 2004, he became a faculty member in the Faculty of Arts & Sciences at Atatürk University and, in 2007, he worked as an associated professor in the same faculty. In 2013 he received the title of professorship.

During the years 2009-2012, Aydoğan served as the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences at Atatürk University and in 2017 he was nominated as the Vice-Rector of Ardahan University and the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Humanities & Literature.

Among his publications, there are five books and 80 SCI/SCI Expanded articles.