Oral Presentations

Abstracts must be prepared both in English and Turkish. Native speakers of English or those who do not have an excellency in written Turkish do not have to provide Turkish abstracts though (abstracts in English will be translated to Turkish by the organizing committee).

Guidelines for preparing the abstract

• All abstracts must be prepared in the Microsoft Word Program. The title should be written with bold and capital letters, 14 points, centered and the font “Cambria” should be used.

• The name of the author(s) should be written with Cambria, 11 points, below the title, aligned right. Name, surname, institution and e-mail address should be indicated with a footnote marked with a “*” sign at the end of the last name.

• Page margins must be as follows: Top: 3 cm, bottom: 2.5 cm, left: 3 cm,  right: 2.5 cm. Line spacing should be double with 11 points, Cambria.

• Abstracts should not exceed 300 words including the title and the author information.

• At the end of the abstracts there must be maximum five keywords.

Abstracts must be submitted to the following mail address:


The abstracts will be evaluated firstly by the editors basing on their coherence with the symposium main theme and their compatibility with the above-mentioned structural qualities. If the abstracts meet these requirements, they will be then sent to the scientific committee for double-blind peer review.