Symposium President

Erman Kaçar

Erman Kaçar is a research assistant in the Department of Philosophy in Ardahan University. He is a graduate of Ankara University Department of Mathematics (Algebra and Geometry) and received his master’s degree from the Department of Philosophy (Systematic Philosophy and Logic), Ankara University. On his master thesis (A.U. 2016), Kaçar conducted a comparative analysis of the concepts of ‘the One’ and ‘the Void’ in the ontologies of Badiou and Spinoza. He worked on Badiouan and Lacanian ontologies, and gave seminars on Lacanian ontology and topology. He calls contemporary French philosophy “the new face of philosophy” and focuses on the modern and postmodern spirit of this new face of philosophy in his work. In this context, his fields of study are ontology, ethics, psychoanalysis, mythology, post-structuralism and contemporary French philosophy.

Organizing Committee Vice President

Serpil Ahmetkocaoğlu

Serpil Ahmetkocaoğlu completed her bachelor’s degree at Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University Department of Philosophy (2009) and her MA degree in 2013 at Ankara University, Department of Philosophy, Department of History of Science. She then achieved her Ph.D. in the same department with the dissertation titled “A Research on the Origins of the Idea of the Law of Nature” in 2020 and started her career as a research assistant at the Department of Philosophy at Ardahan University. “History of Science”, “Philosophy of Science” and “Social Sciences and Logic” are the courses that she currently lectures at Ardahan University. Her main fields of study are Comparative Medieval Islam and Christian History of Science and Philosophy of Science.

Committee Members

Seçkin Sarpkaya 

Dr. Sarpkaya is working as a lecturer at Ege University Institute of Turkish World Studies. He completed his master and doctorate in Turkish Folklore Department at the same institute. Dr. Sarpkaya does scientific researches mostly on oral culture and digital culture in the field of Turkish folklore, he publishes national and international works on myths, folk tales, legends, anecdotes and proverbs of Turkish World, especially Iranian Turks and Azerbaijani Turk, and also video game culture. He has got a paper award and a doctoral thesis award.

İbrahim Okan Akkın


İbrahim Okan Akkın is a graduate of Middle East Technical University (METU, 2007) Department of Philosophy. He completed his MA (METU, 2011) with his thesis concerning the possibility of participatory democracy in light of Hannah Arendt’s theory of action, Rousseau’s notion of direct democracy and Habermasian theories of communicative action and decentred models of deliberation. In his PhD dissertation (METU, 2017), he focused on Deleuze’s conception of difference and becoming with an eye to trace the political outcomes of the ontology of becoming in contemporary art. His main areas of interest are social & political philosophy, aesthetics, history of art, mythology, 17th & 18th-century philosophy, contemporary philosophy and 21th-century philosophy. Between January 2010-June 2017, Akkın worked as a Research Assistant at METU, Department of Philosophy. In January 2017 he became a faculty member at Ardahan University, Department of Philosophy. Since January 2017, he is serving as the chair of the Department of Philosophy, and in July 2018 he was nominated as the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Humanities & Literature at Ardahan University. During his PhD at METU, Akkın took part in the amateur theatre club of the university, and ever since he has been particularly interested in interdisciplinary studies on performance art and political theory. Apart from philosophy, travelling is the most indispensable engagement of his life.

Özlem Gürpınar

Özlem Gürpınar is a Research Assistant at the Painting Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Ardahan University. She completed her undergraduate studies at the Painting Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Ataturk University in 2014. She completed her master’s degree (MA) at the Painting Branch Department of Ataturk University’s Institute of Fine Arts in 2018, and, in the same year, She began Qualification Training in Art, and still continues her education. She works on topics such as contemporary art, art and society, the contemporary art market.

Tonguç Seferoğlu


Dr Tonguç Seferoğlu did his undergraduate work at Middle East Technical University Department of Philosophy and also completed an Master’s there in 2013. He graduated from King’s College London in 2018 where he obtained his PhD in Philosophy for a thesis on Plato’s Phaedo. Dr Seferoğlu’sresearch interests centre around ancient Greek philosophy. He is interested in the role of dialogue form in Plato’s writings and Plato’s metaphilosophy. He also has interests in Neoplatonist tradition, especially their commentaries on Plato’s dialogues. During his Phd studies at King’s College London, Dr Seferoglu led weekly tutorial for modules on ancient Greek philosophy, Hume, Descartes and epistemology. Dr Seferoglu joined Ardahan University Department of Philosophy in 2019.

Zeynep Uludağ

Zeynep Uludağ completed her bachelor degree in psychology in Hacettepe University (2010) and her MSc in health psychology in University of Leeds (2015). She also carried on her PhD in University of Leeds (2020). Consequently, she has started working in Ardahan University in 2020 as an academic member. The lectures she delivers in Ardahan University are as followings; psychology of art, industrial and organisational psychology, research technics, searching database in science and introduction to psychology. Lastly her research interests are neuroimaging, decision making and stress.

Erhan Solmaz

I completed my university education in Afyon Kocatepe University, Turkish Language and Literature Department in 2003. I completed my non-thesis master’s education at Afyon Kocatepe University, Social Sciences Institute in 2004. I completed my master’s degree with thesis in Afyon Kocatepe University, Department of Turkish Language and Literature, in the field of New Turkish Language, with the thesis named “Bolvadin, Tea and Shepherds Dialect” in 2007. I completed my doctoral education in Ege University, Institute of Social Sciences, Department of Turkish Language and Literature, Department of Turkish Folklore in 2016 with the thesis “Nasreddin Hodja Type and Jokes in Uzbek Humor”. In September 2016, I was appointed to Uşak University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Contemporary Turkish Dialects and Literatures. I am married and have a child.

Press Advisor:

Yaşar Öztürk

Yaşar Öztürk is working as a Media and Public Relations Manager at Ardahan University. Öztürk, completed his bachelor’s degree at Near East University Department of Communication (2007). Öztürk, received his master’s degree from the Department of Business Management Cambridge College USA (2013). In 2018, he has started working as an academic member at the Department of Marketing and Advertising at Ardahan University. He is currently as a PhD student at Atatürk University Basic Communication Sciences Department. His Phd dissertation entitled as Digital Gastronomy: YouTube Food Influencers and Local Food Cultures. His research interests include culture industry, social media and food culture.