Poster Presentation

Poster Presentation Guidelines 

Registration to the symposium and abstract submission for poster presentation must be carried out via registration automation system.

Abstract submissions of poster presentations via e-mail will be invalid. 

If the abstract is accepted for the poster session:

Those participants whose abstracts of poster presentation are accepted, are required to prepare their posters in accordance with the following standards and send the posters to the symposium e-mail account.

The poster dimensions should be 70 cm (horizontal) x 100 (vertical) cm and the posters should be in one-piece.

All the lettering in the posters should be in Cambria style. The title of the poster should be written in 60-point font size and bold and the title should not exceed two lines. The name, affiliation and contact information of the author should be included and should be 30-point font size and bold. All other lettering should be in 16/18-point font size. Also, the name of the author who will present the poster should be underlined.

The section titles within the text should be 30-point font size and bold.

The posters should be composed of such sections as introduction, methodology, findings, conclusion and discussion. At the end, sources must also be specified in index with smaller characters.

There is no limitation in coloring of the posters and the emphasis should be placed on the use of colored figures and photographs that enhance visual quality. In order for the characters within the figures to be read easily, characters in appropriate sizes should be preferred and the same characters should be applied for all figures. The figures should be easily readable from a distance.

 Poster Presentation Rules

  1.  Posters will be posted on the numbered boards to be organized by the Symposium Organizing Committee.
  2. The staff of the Symposium Organizing Committee will assist participants in attaching the posters to the boards.
  3. Participants with a poster presentation must be present for poster display during their poster session as specified in the symposium program and give information about their work.
  4. The posters will be removed by the owners at the end of their poster session. The Symposium Organizing Committee will not be responsible for the posters that are not removed after the session.