All proceedings to be submitted to our symposium will be evaluated on the condition that their topics are related to the general theme of “mythology”. However, the following suggestions are prepared to specify some possible research topics:


  • Natural philosophy versus mythopoetic thought
  • Myths and tragedies in Antiquity
  • Mythos, philosophy and religion
  • Myths and contemporary philosophy
  • Islamic sciences and mythology


  • The effect of myths on daily life
  • Myths and the sociology of space
  • Myths as means of social control


  • Myths and symbols
  • Anatolian folk beliefs and myths
  • Transition rituals (death, birth, marriage) and myths
  • Myths in traditional practices


  • Mythology and symbolism
  • Totem and taboo
  • Fear, anxiety and myths
  • Mythology and gender


  • Mythology and modern literature
  • Myths, folktales and legends
  • World Literature
  • Mythology and literary criticism

Archeology & History:

  • The role and function of myths in the ancient world
  • Politics and mythology in the ancient world
  • Mythology and the history of culture
  • The mythology of ancient Greece and Rome

History of Art & Fine Arts:

  • Mythology and iconography
  • Neo-Platonic tradition
  • Renaissance and mythology
  • The significance of mythology in art education

Economy & Politics:

  • Mythology and Political Science
  • Mythology and Economy
  • The role and function of myths in Economy Politics
  • Mythology and Communication