Virtual Presentations

For virtual presentations, the participant is expected to deliver a 15-minute video-recording related to his/her topic. Within the recording, authors present summaries or overviews of their work, describing the essential features (related to purpose, procedures, outcomes, or product). Authors are welcome to submit traditional “lecture style” videos or videos that use visual supports like PowerPoint or Prezi. Upon the acceptance of the abstract of virtual presentation, final videos must be submitted until February 15, 2019.

In-person conference participants will view the virtual presentations during the scheduled time slot in the program. As a reminder, please be sure to include contact details (e.g. email address) at the beginning and end of the presentation to direct people to more detailed information.

Virtual Presentation Technical Details

  • Video recordings of only .mp4 formats of virtual presentations will be played at the related session.
  • You can preferably use Bandicap ( or Camtasia studio ( video recording programs. Yet, you can still utilize any video recording program you prefer. If you need further assistance, you can contact
  • Time allocated for the virtual presentations is max. 15 minutes for each video.
  • For technical arrangements, virtual presentations ought to be submitted till February 15, 2019.
  • The participants are requested to submit their videos by uploading and sending through ( to
  • Video size is kindly requested to be max.100 Mb.
  • Video recordings of only .mp4 formats will be displayed at the related session.
  • For the submission of the video recording, the presenter should add following information to the presentation and email content;
    • Name Surname
    • Institution
    • Contact Info (email address)
    • The Title of the Study